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Frequently Asked Questions

I can't  find my ticket(s) that I purchased

There are three ways to find your ticket(s):
1.     You can find them in your mailbox of the e-mail adres you bought the tickets with. Search for: 'La Reve', 'Tibbaa' or sender:
2.     Register a Tibbaa account for an overview of your bought Tibbaa tickets: Please mind, your tickets will be linked to the e-mail adres you bought the tickets with. Fill in your profile details and click at the left side on "Mijn Tickets".
3.     Go to the lost ticket page, and follow the instructions:

Still no tickets? 
Step 1: contact
Step 2: contact

Purchased through Ticketswap?

What to do when I can't make it to the event anymore?

Please always sell your tickets on TicketSwap

If there are special circumstances you can contact the organisation:

Tickets via other channels?

Please mind La Rêve will always sell the tickets via our own website. Next to that we have partners:

Resident Advisor



That sell tickets, please only use the website or those channels if you don't want to be scammed.


And remind:  always sell your tickets on TicketSwap

If there are special circumstances you can contact the organisation:

How can I contribute to La Rêve & become part of the community? 

To help with activities like making decorations & volunteering at events, send an e-mail to

Is there an Age limit for the La Rêve events? 

Our events are 18+. Make sure you don’t forget to bring your ID or passport to confirm your over 18 years.

Can I re-enter an event after I left?

This is not possible unless we explicitly mention it for a certain event.

Are there Lockers?


Press inquiries could be sent to


If you would like to work with us please send an e-mail to

Is there a security check upon entering the venue?

Every visitor who enters the event area will be checked by the security staff. It’s allowed to request the search to be executed by an employee of the same sex. This check is set to all visitors, guests, employees and artists in order to protect the general safety on the event. Refusing the check will lead to denied access to the event.

Are there lockers available?

The simple answer is yes.


There are lockers available at the venue. You could rent a locker at the entrance. One locker could fit up to two coats.  La Rêve events ALWAYS have (paid) lockers & wardrobe available to store away jackets & other items.

note: Please be aware there may be limited availability when you arrive very late. 

Pendel Bus info

The pendelbus will leave Amsterdam Sloterdeijk at 14:15, so make sure you arrive before that time. On the way back it will leave at around 2:15 at the Central Studios. 

For questions please contact our WhatsApp. 

Is it possible to access La Rêve with accessibility needs?

We aim to ensure a safe & joyful experience for everyone. If there are special needs that you require to access our events, please contact us at We can arrange the extra services you need to be part of the dream <3 

Is there more info on the bus travel?

Bus schedule and availability are subject to changes due to overall staff shortages at Dutch bus companies. In case we could not offer you this service due unforeseen circumstances, a full refund for the bus ticket will be provided to you.


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